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Course Title: Power Up Workshop: “Sales Strategic Management”

Trainer: Mr. Toshio Yamamoto, Globally Professional Certified Trainer & Expert from Japan.

Date: Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 September 2013

Timing: 08:30 - 17:30

Venue: (Restaurant/Hotel - To be Confirmed)

Language: English (Translation Available)

USD250/Pax – Get one free for a group registration of 5. The investment is inclusive of training materials, refreshments, lunch Buffets & Certificate of Accomplishment.

*Special Offer: Free home doctor consulting at your workplace after the program.

Only 25 seats available. Please book your seat now.

*Quality, Satisfaction Guaranteed, NOT Satisfied, Money Returned

Who should attend:
* Sales Managers,
* Sales Directors,
* CEOs,
* MDs,
* GMs & Start-up Business People only.

Power Up Workshop “Sales Strategic Management”


This “Sales Strategic Management” course builds on the concepts covered in sales management and originally prepared and served for “Panasonic” group companies in Japan as well as in oversea and now further developed especially for applying to the Cambodian companies. Develop qualitative approach to measuring and rewarding sales staff performance. Coupled with your own experience in sales and marketing, investigate so many challenges that management faces when making decisions with respect to whom to hire, how to train them, how to motivate and reward them and how to point them in the right direction. Learn to tie these goals together to succeed as a sales manager.

Learn the strategies, mind and skill to become a more marketable executive. Learn how to better estimate sales potential and efficiently gauge your sales staff requirements. Understand how a sales manager communicates with other departments—such as human resources, finance and engineering—to more effectively represent a company's products and services. Case method, textbooks, quizzes, lectures and in-class discussions help develop skills that can enhance your sales-management career prospects.

Sales is the most important for business and companies across the world. The “Sales Strategic Management” course is prepared specially for the sales executives who want seriously to solve their sales problems by applying their practical lessons into practice in their daily sales management and operation. We assure you this course help you solve your sales problems with the following benefits of the participants.

2.Course Objectives (Benefits)

Course objectives (Customer benefits that participants can get from the course)
At the end of the program, participants can:
1) Achieve effectively and efficiently the sales target
2) Develop the practical sales management power  and system (leadership, knowledge and skill of PDCA cycle)
3) Develop  the practical salesman  power/force
4) Make the  sales management manual and management checklist
5) Develop the human and business networking among the participants of  sales executives and managers

3.Course Operation

Participant centric, full participation, interactive and exciting communication style)
1) 40% -lecture and real case study of sales management and activities of companies in Cambodia.
2) 60% -workshop (group work, presentation, Q&A, discussion & lecturer’s comments/advice)

4.Course Contents

Day 1

Prologue: Marketing Basic Concept
1-Business/Marketing Concept
2-Marketing Role for Business Performance
3-Customer Relationship is Key to Success
 Discussion: Purpose of business & Marketing

0)-New Type Sales Manager’s Role and Action:
1-New type of  sales manager
2-Important qualities of new type sales manager
3-Capability of  sales manager at each management process
4-Three roles and actions needed for  sales manager
Discussion: What are new role and action for new manager?

1)-Defining Sales Mission
1-Sales mission
2-Sales Vision
Discussion: Purpose of sales for customer & company

2)-Analyzing Sales Opportunity
1-Macro environment
2-Customer environment
3-Channel environment
4-Competitor environment
5-Company environment
- Analyzing customer buying  needs
- Analyzing what and how to win or solve the problems?

3)-Setting Sales Objectives
1-Sales goal
2-Sales policy/strategy
3-Sales process targets
Discussion: What are priority targets and why?

Day 2

4)-Planning Sales Plan
1-Sales Activity program
2-Sales action program
Discussion: How to develop sales activity and action?

5)-Organizing Sales force
1-Designing sales force
2-Managing sales force
Exercise: How to strengthen sales force

6)-Executing Sales Plan
1-Managing sales activity process & progress
2-Managing in-company relationship
3-Managing sales activity information
Exercise: How to manage  sales activity process

7)-Checking Sales Progress
1-Checking  gap of sales targets and result
2-Checking causes and effects
3-Checking changes of market environment
Exercise: How to monitor sales progress?

8)-Improving Sales Process
1-Taking measures for gaps and causes
2-Taking measures to implement as planned
3-Studying improvements and implementing
4-Standardization and sharing in common, the success, failure and solution process
Discussion: Major problems, causes & solution

  1) Checklist of Sales Strategic Management Skill Level
  2) Checklist of Selling Skill Level and Selling Activity Process Management Level
  3) Salesman Handbook for Selling Activities and Selling Activity Process management
  4) Checklist of Sales Negotiation Skill and Process Management Level

Trainer’s Profile – Toshio Yamamoto

Mr. Toshio Yamamoto is a Japanese expert consultant and a globally professional master trainer of global business, sales & marketing. He had spent his 38 years as sales & marketing manager and director for “Panasonic” oversea companies. Through his extensive and practical experiences, he’s conducted a lot of training courses and trained thousands of people  in more than 30 countries around the world. He is currently working as an adviser to some companies in Cambodia and as a consultant & trainer and  president of his own company, Cambodia Japan Win Win Partners Co., Ltd.

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